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The Noise-One
The Noise-One
The Noise-One

The Noise-One | Stereo rock

The Noise are back, and it’s with a red-hot single this time. Taking control over indie radio space with their 2021 EP, they prefer bringing the lightning with the thunder. This particular track that they’ve released might be their catchiest yet. This is called One.

With a solid spine of instrumental mania, The Noise prepare us for the fire that is to come. Sounding in principle like Prophets of Rage, they have more of a melodic streak in their message, and quite the barrage of effects. The spine remains the beat and flow, and there are moments where police sirens splice through the audio design. The chorus is ridiculously catchy, executed with a minimal palette.

As the bassline shuffles through, the effect is the overlay with the lyrics and vocal execution as well. Short, yet executed with a vigour, this track is what you need to amp your week with an adrenaline neural shock. There is a pace to the song that would remind you of action sequences or heist films as well. It is a superb way to make a comeback, and you could only expect The Noise to make so much, well, noise. 

You can listen to more of their rocking tracks with their EP and also their single, Extacy. They are just getting started for the year, so expect shock moments in your inboxes saying that they’ve released a song. It is a brilliant effort from a band that wants their music to be part of change. Listen to their single here and follow them:

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