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trust the mask - our fault
trust the mask - our fault

Apology to Mother Earth: Trust The Mask’s ‘Our Fault’ Delivers a Powerful Message

Discover a musical journey that defies boundaries with Trust The Mask, the dynamic duo comprised of singer Vittoria Cavedon and multi-instrumentalist Elisa Dal Bianco. In a world that feels increasingly fragmented, Trust The Mask seeks to forge genuine connections, both with their audience and within themselves. Hailing from the enchanting city of Venice, these two exceptional musicians crossed paths in early 2020 and immediately recognized the magic they could create together. Elisa’s classical training and expertise in electronic music, combined with her fascination for unique instruments from across the globe, beautifully complement Vittoria’s self-taught pop sensibilities.

The duo are back with a new single, “Our Fault.” This electrifying track showcases a perfect blend of great drum work, shining synth work, and angelic backing vocals that will leave you craving for more.

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I felt like I had been transported to a neon-filled room where everything seems both coherent and enigmatic. The groovy synths and ambient choruses create an irresistible atmosphere. The sweet vocals effortlessly get stuck in your head, making this song an earworm you won’t be able to shake off.

Listen closely, and you’ll notice the subtle tapping sounds that add an extra allure to the composition. The trippy elements of the song are masterfully balanced, never overwhelming the listener. Instead, they enhance the overall experience, making it a journey that keeps getting better with each passing moment.

“Our Fault” by Trust The Mask has an exceptional bassline as well. It drives the rhythm forward, injecting an infectious energy into the track. It’s impossible not to move to the groove as the song progresses, drawing you deeper into its mesmerizing world. I was just totally vibing along throughout.

But wait! There’s more. Beyond its irresistible sound, “Our Fault” carries a meaningful message. It serves as a heartfelt apology to “Mother Earth,” acknowledging the harm we as humans have collectively caused. I could sense the sadness in the vocals when she fervently repeated the words, “Our fault.”

The song’s climax is just amazing. The momentum rises, seamlessly fusing all of the elements into an irresistible and unforgettable electronic harmony “Our Fault” is a sonic journey that combines stellar production, captivating vocals, and a powerful message.

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Enjoy listening to Our Fault by Trust The Mask here.

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