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Tom Tom Park | Still Alive | Singer-Songwriter | Disco
Tom Tom Park | Still Alive | Singer-Songwriter | Disco

Tom Tom Park’s Latest Single ‘Still Alive’ Brings New Life to the Classic Disco Sound

Tom Tom Park never disappoints with his unique yet peculiar style of music. His latest single ‘Still Alive’ showcases Tom’s ability to blend the classic disco sound with a modern touch. This results in a catchy, upbeat style that is both ethereal and entertaining – making you groove while you think.

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The song, as usual opens with a funky bassline and a steady beat that instantly hooks listeners. I cant stop tapping my feet and swaying my hips, and the track hasn’t even started yet! The vocals are smooth and soulfully glide effortlessly over the instrumentation. Boy, I cant tell you how well the vocals compliment the beat, its just surreal. An experience is what Tom Tom Park delivers with his music, rather than just a means of entertainment!

The disco sounds just do it for me! Amazing and juicy fat synths that just pour into the mix and drown the listener in a feeling of trance. There are remnants of synth sounds that sound like horns. This brass like sound adds a layer of excitement and energy that this track is already bustling with, but helps it achieve that big sound of classic disco tracks.

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As the track progresses, the instrumentation builds, with layers of synths and guitars being added to the mix. But what really stands out for me is the reverbed chorus that just haunts the mix. No matter what, at no point in the entire track is it ever cluttered. Being able to create good sound is easy, but the hard part is making all of them work together without making a mess. Tom Tom Park has done just that and created an impeccable mix!

Tom Tom’s ability to infuse modern sounds to disco is a testament to his talent as a musician. “Still Alive” is a banger of a track and I’m lucky to have come across this single. An absolute unit of a track that just keeps you thinking in a state of trance. You know what I mean? If you don’t, then you have to check out this single.

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