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Dici | Daydream | Infectious | Singer-songwriter
Dici | Daydream | Infectious | Singer-songwriter

Dici’s ‘Daydream’: A Playful Blend of Genres and Infectious Rhythms that Lift Spirits

What I really love about music or anything in life is an element of surprise. Dici does just that with his latest infectious single – ‘Daydream’. The intro throws you off guard. It makes you think this song is going to be serious, but his vocals just make you think – wow! This song lifts my spirits.

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Dici is an Italian born, Miami based artist and he has been gaining popularity for his unique blend of genres, creating a unique sound! “Daydream” is a perfect example of his playful lyrics and infectious rhythms that just suck the listeners into a world of endless possibilities. Dici’s unapologetic passion for his sound, makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd. His music is not only a blend of genres, but the mix shows you that he’s someone who take his music seriously!

Daydream is a really fun track that is upbeat and entertaining with percussions that make you want to learn how to dance. You know that feeling? Where in your head you know exactly how you want to move to this track, but your body might not always reciprocate. With music like this, he is rapidly climbing the ladder to become one of the most exciting artists in the industry right now!

Dici’s musical talent pierces through both his captivating melodies and lyrics that just make sense. His vocals gracefully compliment the sparkling synths and rhythmic drumbeats, exploring themes of inner conflict, infatuation, anxiety and bleed raw vulnerability. Though his dulcet tunes exude a certain warmth, his lyrics work the other way – expressing a deep sense of desperation for an escape from his daydreams. But who can really escape day dreams!

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What Dici has is extremely valuable. He has this one single thing that a lot of artists lack. The ability to capture the voice of the current generation. Once he tapped into this, it’s a direct elevator to success for Dici. All he has to do is hit all the right buttons!

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