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THE TON3Z- The Ton3z II
THE TON3Z- The Ton3z II
THE TON3Z- The Ton3z II

THE TON3Z create hip-hop paradise with their album, “The Ton3z II”

Impacting hip-hop is made by THE TON3Z. They have become more of a statement sice their last few releases, and their music is the reflection of a generation. These are beats and melodies, spliced so carefully that you can practically hear them to be the reflection of lyrics. This is their latest album, The Ton3z II. 

The opening with Ginger Juice shows you the balance they try to maintain with their music. The instrumental opens and really retains through the silence. Their lyrical depth and gravity is instantly heard in their lyrics. Even their interlude is measured among these deep beats and catchy scatting. It is a party mood, with poetry on the queue. There is some spectacular mixing that allows you to hear each detail of the song, and how it comes around.

Commitment to the beat

You’ll see them chart strange waters with songs like Spectra as well. It is a creative flow that is the remnant of A Tribe Called Quest. Splicing lyrics using the background to dictate the flow, THE TON3Z have always pushed the envelope to create something rare. Magically altering the theme and temperature, Post Hawaii is a flow unlike any other song on the album. The killer production and instrumental backgrounds are some of the most mature, detailed tones I have heard in recent years.

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You will also notice the embedding of cultures they admire with songs like Cutting. It opens up the possibilities of having a resurgence of true hip-hop. 33 goes schematically different, a lighter pop tone to it. This is the brilliance of a group that want to show that words still hold depth and meaning. All is not lost. 

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THE TON3Z follow up from their 2022 album here, The Ton3z. Changing a lot of heavy detail, they still stick to this sound they found and forged. Listen to their album here and follow them for more!:

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