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Ryan Yingst’s Chaos
Ryan Yingst’s Chaos
Ryan Yingst - Chaos

American Musician Ryan Yingst’s Chaos Is Perhaps One of the Most Beautiful Songs in Recent Times

A song that moves you emotionally as well as makes you feel happy and calm is how one can describe the latest single by Ryan Yingst, Chaos. Hailing from Pittsburgh PA originally, and currently in Nashville, Tennessee, Ryan is an excellent singer-songwriter, as well as a prolific recording engineer and music producer. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in music technology and performance. Besides his solo music career that boasts influences from a wide variety of genres ranging from funk, soul, jazz, rock, folk, electronics, etc., he performs with several bands playing different roles such that of a vocalist, guitar player, bass player or violinist in significant venues across the nation.

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Let us get to know a little about Ryan’s latest song!

Chaos, Ryan Yingst’s latest single is a simple, easy-listening, soul-satisfying acoustic song where the listener gets to listen to a story in the form of music. The most amazing factor or Ryan’s music is not only the variety of influences but also his lyrical capabilities because he writes the songs so well, and this song is the perfect example of his amazing lyrical and musical artistry. The song is for Ryan’s partner who has been with him through the very downs of life that he has been through and it is because of her he won over those tough times and is able to keep moving on. The beautiful lyrics of the song, the heartwarming vocals and the phenomenal guitar playing altogether make this song one of the most beautiful tracks you will hear in recent times.

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So, tune in to Ryan Yingst’s latest single Chaos and enjoy the song. You can listen to it here:

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