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Rebel – Dana Rexx | Edge

Dana Rexx makes music that explores the boundaries between tribal rhythms and electronic power pop with a dark edge. Dana writes about surviving loss and overcoming a challenging past that fuels her rebellious nature and her desire to overturn society’s outdated norms. In contrast, her sound is upbeat, definitely dance-floor worthy, and seamlessly blends electronic, synth-heavy power pop with a dark, steely edge that screams thrill and edge. Her latest project, “Rebel”, only solidifies what I say here further– keep reading to find out.

Angst and rebellion bleed from every bar of this song– from the anthemic melodies to the powerful, pumping percussion driving the mix; everything about this song is unapologetically in-your-face, but in a good way– where you end up feeling pumped and enthused over the course of the music. I will opine a lot of that is down to the instrument choices and how well her voice is suited to her brand of music.

The pre-chorus is a part of the song that especially caught my attention– in how it manages to capture the attention of the listener and stand out; all while setting the stage for the dubstep-esque drop and hook to take over to next thrill the listener. On my initial listening of this song, this stood out to me like a lighthouse in the distance. The production, too, plays a very important role here as it complements the shift in energy rather elegantly, with the synths building up in the background in tandem with the gradually-getting-heavier percussion.

When it comes to powerful music of this sort, I have been a fan, and always will be– but the purist in me wouldn’t have agreed to put this on my daily lists had this song not been just so delicious. “Rebel” does not disappoint, and does not disappoint for miles, I’m glad to report. Check out “Rebel” by Dana Rexx here!

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