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Robbie Rapids - Love Of Your Life
Robbie Rapids - Love Of Your Life
Robbie Rapids - Love Of Your Life

Robbie Rapids – Love Of Your Life

The latest single by Robbie Rapids, Love Of Your Life, will make you let your hair down and dance to its beats. A sheer example of blending the traditional elements of disco and pop funk rock music, this song is absolutely wonderful that you will start tapping your feet right from the first listen.

If you’re a fan of legendary musical bands and projects like Daft Punk, Chic, etc., you will love this song even more. Lyrically, this song talks about finding one’s love again for the second time. The musical elements complement it by showcasing the excitement that one may go through during such a situation. The music is highly energetic and vibey at the same time.

Let your hair down and dance to your heart’s content!

Tight and groovy drumming and punchy, quirky bass lines lay the groundwork for a proper disco track because the rhythm section keeps your body moving and grooving. Robbie Rapids’ Love Of Your Life boasts similarly catchy rhythm sections, on top of which the retro-sounding synth lines add beautiful sonic colours to the track! Talking about the music of this song, the guitar parts deserve special mention. They conquer the foreground of the song’s sonic spectrum and stand bright and firm with beautiful choices of chord voicings and occasional funky lines. These sections add spice to the overall musical experience of the song.

The guitar solo is short and crisp, but even during that little span, it showcases a heavy influence of classic rock tones and playing style similar to that of the music of the 70s and 80s. The vocals are unparalleled, and this track’s overall mix is incredible because you can easily hear every part with extreme clarity. Overall, Robbie Rapids’ Love Of Your Life is a song you will have a lot of fun listening to.

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