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Marked 1 – Vampire in Chicago | Toxicology

David Gabriel of Chicago, also known as “Marked Since Day 1” or “The Marked 1,” has just released his new album “Vampire in Chicago,” which features 19 original songs. The album has a steady tone, and the intricacy of the writing explored puts you in a reflective mood. The soundtrack incorporates aspects from a variety of genres, including Hip Hop, Trap, a few textural influences from LoFi sounds, and a significant amount of Rock music. Few tunes, like “Wants You” or “Intoxicated II,” have such a deep exploration of progressive sound that intrigues us as listeners since we stay nearly in the same soundscapes while exploring new shades of colours and patterns.

The lyrics are quite thought provoking. The views and the interpretation vary with each song. The songs in the first set are actually about the demons inside us that occasionally come out of us even if we don’t realise it. We inadvertently absorb such harmful negative energies that it takes a lot of effort to get rid of them. As a result, these passive forces have harmful consequences in our lives, complicating our relationships with our partners, causing us to injure or harm others, and, most significantly, breaking us apart. The tracks feature many perspectives and occasions when strong reflections are provided that we can all connect to and combat.

Songs like “Intoxicated II” or “Dirty Little Lips” does leads us into the area of temptations or lust where we are so dissolved into this whole world that sometimes we have such damaging ideas that eventually impact our relationships and lives overall. Marked 1 wonderfully communicate his opinions with such clever and uncomplicated writing that genuinely taps the proper nerves. The narrative format is also intriguing, as it takes you on a trip through a series of situations that makes you think. There’s also a song called “Devil Face” in which a lover helps him reconnect with himself while still seeing through the terrible aspects. Even love has the power to alter how we view and convince our internal conflicts.

In terms of arrangements and production of the songs, the tracks have enormous influences of Rock genre. In tracks like “Intoxicated II” and “Red Wine,” we’ll hear some incredibly seductive guitar melody lines. Even the tones used to create the tunes sounded intriguing. In tunes like “Sunset,” “Lady Death II,” and others, we may hear some funky flair in the bass lines or in the guitar playing. The album also contains of such fantastic Hip Hop beats, some really delicate LoFi textural exhibition, some growing synth textures which truly makes the listening experience so comprehensive. The album truly does take up and address such an important feeling that we should all be aware of and attempt to address in order to make a happy living.

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