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Joviky - Feeling Is
Joviky - Feeling Is

Joviky – Feeling Is | Abstract

Hip-hop artist Joviky truly is on his way to becoming a master of his craft, a journey thoroughly documented by his increasingly ambitious and successful musical left turns across the previous year.

The singer-songwriter, hip-hop artist and producer chooses not to restrict himself to a collection of genres within hip-hop but allows himself to explore and even question the boundaries of his discography by partaking in musical ventures entirely different from each other. The artist returns to his discography with the release of one of his latest tracks Feeling Is, following the release of some of his others such as Love in Montana, Lonely Phone and Hurricane Petty.

Feeling Is is thoroughly triphop, a psychedelic medley of some of Joviky’s darkest lyricism exploring the corners of loneliness and desolation. The arrangement manages to not adhere to the traditional verse-hook-chorus characteristic of most trip hop tracks, ushering in a sense of abstractness to the soundscape that crests and troughs depending on the emotions being talked about. The lyrics reflect a sense of listlessness and emotional chaos, therefore appearing congruent to the abstract element of the arrangement. If one finds themselves drawn towards some of the more obscure and neo-gothic avenues of the trip hop genre, missing out on Joviky should really be considered an original sin. 

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