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Nightingale - Rewind
Nightingale - Rewind

Nightingale – Rewind | Upbeat

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and producer Esmond Angeles — known to the world as Nightingale — adds another song to his discography with the release of his latest track ‘Rewind’.

Nightingale’s primary motivation behind his music is to bookmark that as episodic life events — both to offer inspiration and relatability. With his latest track, that motivation seems to become virtual and more vivid. Rewind is an electro-pop number with a comfortable runtime of three minutes, the track is defined mainly by its predominant electronic characteristics — the electric pianos, the off-kilter beats and energetic basslines. The track is essentially one that is thematically connected to moving on and getting out of the attractive nostalgia of the past, letting things go and exploring newer horizons. Nightingale’s vocal elements in the track offer it the quintessential indie element, which makes it all the more enjoyable. The track is inherently electronic and a song for the outdoors; with the world opening up, we should not be surprised if the track features on related playlists across the world. 

The appetite for electronic music in Australia seems to continually grow through the work of artists such as Nightingale, so be sure to check out the track here:

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