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Luna Keller - Shadows on my Wall
Luna Keller - Shadows on my Wall

Luna Keller – Shadows on my Wall | Haunting

The music of German singer-songwriter Luna Keller comes with a sense of haunting melody, almost in the sense of a near-surrealist sonic experience woven through the course of her arrangements.

The artist returns to her discography following the release of her earlier 2021 track High Low High Low, with her fresh track Shadows on my Wall. The three minute track is characteristically an amalgamation of some of Keller’s previously celebrated musical tricks, now coupled with more experimentation in sound in genres such as indie folk, acoustic folk and even instances of country folk and country pop.

Perhaps the track’s most enjoyable and empathetic elements are highlighted in its melancholic lyricism, accounting for a tragic ballad on losing one’s sanity and documenting the process throughout it. Thematically, it resembles almost a feeble cry for companionship, replete with heart-wrenching instrumentation comprising electronic sonic cavities, despondent percussion and synth waves drenching across it all. In many ways, one can assume that the discography of Luna Keller is a larger concept project, unafraid to make into sound some of life’s most vulnerable instances that shape who we really are. 

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