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Satre - Alone
Satre - Alone

Satre – Alone | Haunting

In the uncharted and darker corners of Spotify, there are some undiscovered artists whose music tend to light the way for people to dive a bit deeper than the chart-topping Top 40s. Musical maestro and producer Satre is one such specimen. Having his way back from his earlier 2021 singles Go around in my head and Treasure, Sartre returns with his latest track Alone.

With a runtime of three minutes, Alone is as ominous as it is suggestive and melancholic. At its most fundamental level, it is a thoroughly immersive dream-pop soundscape, but the track extends its inspiration across a few recognizable genres which include electronic music, electronic pop, lo-fi and even hints of a mixture of rhythm n’ blues and soulful female vocals. Satre thematically inclines towards topics of lovelessness or abandonment, where the female vocals sing — ‘I think nothing at all / Just don’t leave me alone’, highlighting the feelings of insecurity in separation and in romance. Having already built an incredibly quicksand-like dream-pop landscape, the latter half of the track features a most eyebrow-raising electric guitar solo in its bubblegum-pop guitar tone. Alone is occult, desolate, anxious and introspective all at once, making Satre’s discography one to keep an eye on for more of his musical genius. 

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