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Desmond Parson – Resoulution | Musical journey

Desmond Parson, a man of vision, passion, and song. Desmond sees music as an outlet for his thoughts that he channels into his tracks. He has been into music since the age of 4 listening to his grandma play albums. However, it was one artist in particular that his grandmother played that would forever change his appreciation for, and approach to music, Stevie Wonder. Desmond learnt to become a vocalist, writer, composer, producer, and an arranger through Stevie Wonder which Desmond profoundly portrays in his works. He started learning to play piano at the tender age of 10 where he learnt to play melodies from his uncle. He started his musical journey by playing at the school’s singing club and evolved dramatically to become The Desmond Parson that we admire and cherish today. Desmond infuses the sounds of R&B and neo-soul to create a style of his own.

Desmond has released his long awaited EP, ‘Resoulution’ recently and I must say it is a stupendous piece of art. The EP is composed to tell a story which is perfectly intertwined and feels like a journey through the tracks. The songs are full of ambient music elements and smooth vocals. ‘Resoulution’ is an EP that will surely make your feet move. The musicality of the artist is projected beautifully through the songs on the EP.

The first track of the EP is ‘Mend the pieces’ which is the best way to start off an EP. The melodies are complex yet soothing. The vocals are exquisitely executed piece of the heartfelt lyrics. The drums are perfectly in sync with the music and compliments the music on a different level. The chorus is catchy and sticks to your head like glue. The way Desmond plays with panning is just amazing. Each of track has a characteristic quality that it tells you out loud that it is one of Desmond Parson’s composition.

The next song on the EP is ‘Love You For Life’. This is the song that I related to the most. The mesmerizing vocal texture of Desmond gives me goosebumps every single time. This is my favorite song from the EP and highly recommend everyone to listen to this track in particular.

The last song on the EP is ‘Possibly’. The melody is bewitching and a perfect portrayal of Desmond’s skills. The song flows smoothly into the outro of the EP.

We had chance to have a little chat with our beloved Desmond Parson and the following is how the interview went.

Q. The EP ‘Resoulution’ is one of the best EPs I’ve heard in a while. What was your inspiration for ‘Resolution’? 

A. “Thank you!! The idea behind, “Resoulution” was actually a play on the word ‘Resolution’.  As we know a resolution is intended action or goal.  Resoulution is that as well, however its intended action is to love through the messages in each song.”

Q. The second song of the EP, ‘Love you for life’ seems to tell a story and is highly relatable. What is the story behind this track?

A. “‘Love you for life’ is a celebration of love.  It’s the story of a couple that have been together for quite some time and are re-pledging their love.”

Q. What inspires you to make music and the lyrics that you write so beautifully?

A. “I believe my love for music is my first place of inspiration.  I’m heavily influenced by the music of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to name a few, and would love to have a catalog of music like theirs.  Plus I just love pairing lyrics to words.”

Q. Which is your personal favorite from your EP, ‘Resoulution’? 

A. “My personal favorite changes all the time, lol.  However, I think “Possibly” is the winner.  I just love it’s organic feel.”

Q. The music is intriguing and heartfelt. It goes in perfect sync with the lyrics. How do you compose your songs? Do you write your lyrics first and then produce the song or is it the other way around? 

A. “I usually make the music first.  I let the music dictate the overall direction of the song (happy, sad, playful, etc.).  The first lyric is usually the hook, then the main theme.  Then I head back to the verses and complete  the story.”

Listen to ‘Resoulution’

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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