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Allusia – Party Rhino ( Ft. Eureka O’Hara)| Tangy Sauce

Allusia entered drag scene in the Pacific Northwest who draws deep inspirations from artists that created their own sauce like Cyndi Lauper and Nina Hagen. She has worked hard to create her own space in the artistic field where she stands out of the crowd, portraying her uniqueness. Her first drag performance was at a fundraiser and there on she is slowly taking over various drag shows, house parties, and seedy garage rock shows as well as becoming part of local grassroots political movements. At 19, she became the youngest ever co-chair of Olympia Gay Pride which has resulted in her various endeavors to empower the queer community. 

I recently came across one of Allusia’s new EP which is named ‘Animal Nature’ which features some of her most powerful tracks. There was this one track that specifically caught my attention which is named ‘Party Rhino’, this is one of the best tracks Allusia has put out so far and this features one of the most iconic musicians Eureka O’Hara. Featuring some futuristic musical elements that makes this track super unique. Her uniqueness is what makes me believe that she will soon find her own new sound that appeals to the masses. The track projects some exquisite use of growls which perfectly blends in with the party vibe that a ‘Rhino’ has created. Allusia is planning on releasing a music video on the 7th of October on her YouTube channel. Do subscribe her so that you don’t miss out on the video when it comes out.

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