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Grooblen – Escher Girl | Melodic Serenity

Grooblen is a project that emerged out of San Francisco’s Ellie Stokes who is known for her immersive vocals. Her discography is a vivid array of versatility and innovation. Her deep vocals and her melodic tone is what makes her tracks so special. Her tracks will make you weep with joy and make you dance with sorrow. That is how intense her musical skills are and she knows how to use it! Get your hats ready before you play her tracks as she surely is going to make it rain.

“Grooblen is not a project or an artist! It has become an emotion.”

I came across this amazing artist recently when she released her latest single which is named Escher Girl which is one of her best works yet. The track has some immersive melodies that will make your heart melt laced with drums that are structured with beauty and precision. The track starts of with some grand piano keys which are followed by a bassline so indulgent that you will get lost in it’s melodies. The way the vocals kick in is what got me hooked on this track. Her vocals are amazingly emotional. Each word has some emotion attached to it. this is surely a track that can evoke profound emotions in the hearts of the listeners. Do give this amazing artist a go and trust me you will be stuck in her enchantment forever.

This is a highly recommended track for anyone who loves to listen to some ecstatic music that is intertwined with some tasteful, melodic vocals. You can even catch a little glimpse of Escher Girl here-

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