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Elion Melody – Dose Of Oxytocin | Melodic Serenade

Elion Melody is a New-York based artist who pens down his feelings into his tracks through his heartfelt lyricism. His tracks often seep into the skin making the listener’s heart melt down with vivid emotional rush. Elion deeply projects his vulnerabilities through his tracks which enables him to resonate with the masses. The way he carries his tracks makes me loose my mind. His deep vocals adds a whole lot of depth to his tracks making him one of the most exceptional contemporary musician. His melodies are basic yet touching. Each note that he plays in his tracks has it’s own importance in setting the track’s vibe.

I recently discovered Elion Melody’s latest release which is an EP called Dose Of Oxytocin which is a perfect masterpiece. As the name suggests, the EP is a complete shot of Dose Of Oxytocin for anyone who loves music. The album will take you on a melodic ride which will take to the highest highs and the lowest lows. The musical abilities of the artist is perfectly portrayed through this EP. His deep sense of musicality and lyricism is what makes his tracks so ecstatic.

The first track on the EP is ‘Cloud No. 11’ which is a perfect start of the EP. The intro of this EP perfectly projects how to start off an EP to set the vibe. The track beautifully sets the mood of the EP. This track is a collaborative track with Padre Toxico who has sprinkled his magic on the track beautifully.

The second track on the EP is named ‘Bask in The Moment’ which features Eric Matthys who has beautifully enhanced the deep flavors of this EP. The way the artists have intertwined their deep feelings into the vocals will surely leave you spellbound.

The third track of the EP is ‘Comfortable’ which is my personal favorite on this EP. This track will surely send you back in time. Elion Melody has beautifully executed this track to be a perfect melodic feast. The soothing vocal texture makes this track so special. The melodic elements are beautifully incorporated into the track to make it feel like a whole.

The next track on the EP is called ‘Red Mercedes II’ which acts as a bridge for the outro. This track sets it’s own vibe and takes your mind and soul to a higher plane. The musical and lyrical aspects of the track are perfectly balanced to incur the maximum impact.

The last track on the EP is ‘She Poppin” which is a perfect outro for the EP. This track will surely leave you with goosebumps. This is an EP that will surely give you couple of tracks for your playlist.

Dose Of Oxytocin will surely leave a mark on your head. Do give this EP a listen if you love deep vocals, exquisite lyricism and heartfelt musicality, all packed in a box. This EP will surely hold up to your expectations and even exceed them.

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