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Joel Rivendell – Moonshine and Coffee | Funky
Joel Rivendell – Moonshine and Coffee | Funky

Joel Rivendell – Moonshine and Coffee | Funky 

Joel Rivendell is an ardent singer, songwriter, and musician who pursues music as a hobby. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Joel has been making music for a long time now. Joel writes songs from time to time but has mastered the art of songwriting. He has a very unique and distinctive music that can be described as funk rock with little elements of country music. 

Joel Rivendell releases songs on various platforms like Spotify and has received a very well response from his audience. He has released just singles since he started in 2019 and is back with yet another masterpiece called “Moonshine and Coffee”. 

Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with an amazing groove on the drums that just fills in with energy. Soon a banjo enters the track followed by an amazing bass that just builds the groove in a funky way. The guitar enters with an acapella-style vocal phrase. The drums and bass carry the song forward with its funky nature and soon the vocals of Joel kick in. The vocals are just perfect with layers of harmony and a perfect melody that suits the song really well. The song is that long but filled but so much fun. It does not have a single dull moment and really gets you hooked till the end. The bass guitar steals the show and is wonderfully written. 

Joel Rivendell has made a masterpiece that is flawless. “Moonshine and Coffee” is a song you must not miss listening too. 

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