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RJ Bacon – Shine A Light | Pleasant Jazz Treat

RJ Bacon is a smooth jazz singer, songwriter, and composer. He started his career working in different sectors at ABC Television in Sydney in 1979. That included news, current affairs, and documentaries. But he eventually focused on on-camera work specialising in Television Drama and Film. If you are a lover of soulful n music, you will fall in love with Bacon sooner or later. Chilling, hanging out in his studio space in Sydney, writing and producing feel-good jazz tracks – this is the new life of RJ Bacon, who describes himself as a ‘one-man band’. He plays all the instruments in his recording sessions and he produces his own music.

His new album ‘Shine a Light’ is out and I cannot stop enjoying the tracks. The album comprises 7 songs, starting with ‘The positive song.’ The opening of this song is so fire. It starts off strong and heartwarming, setting the tone we all need to lighten up after a long day. The piano and guitar tones set the right tunes for a laid back feel. “Oh yeah,” chorus gives you all you need as the listener to feel upbeat about your afternoon plans, whether it be homework or hitting up a pool party with friends.

The second song ‘Cactus tree’ with tantalizing percussion and a subtle drumbeat as he soothingly reaches out to listeners. His sweet yet quirky voice keeps you engaged through the song. You feel like dancing salsa with your partner or just having a drink with friends while listening to live music.

Next, we have ‘Double Exit.’ The tone heard in this piece is soft and loving. The piano playing sounds as if it could go on forever while the drum beats set a really soulful mood. Rhythmically speaking, each note hits just right. It’s one of the shorter tracks found on the album where Bacon’s fingers do some magic as they traverse varying guitar strings.

Push back’ is a song that comes after ‘Double Exit’. The song has the same mood as ‘Double Exit’ and it gives me retro vibes. It has the same catchy tune with more of a peppy and sped up feel to it. The playful tune and mesmerizing beats are a delight for your ears with Bacon’s voice taking centre stage.

AI and Tee‘ by Bacon is incredibly relaxing but gives the listener an edgy feeling. Each instrument and beat meshes together magnificently, creating what can only be described as a unique listening experience.

The song ‘Shine A Light’ is a soulful masterpiece. It’s the kind of song that captures your imagination while at the same time tugging strongly at your heartstrings. Both sonically and lyrically it hits all the right notes!

Percussion opening ‘Chubby’s lament’ is like the centre of a flower. It serves as an anchor for something delicately and endlessly beautiful in scope. The pace of the song is slow and there are some sudden instrumental elements that just need to be listened to with quality headphones to get the full experience.

Enjoy listening to ‘Shine A Light’ here.

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