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Pressure-Demonic Oath
Pressure-Demonic Oath
Pressure-Demonic Oath

Pressure go hardcore with their symphonic soliloquy in “Demonic Oath”

A band like Pressure has to be savoured. They approach music with the melodic elements of a full-blown orchestra. Yet, you hear the first few lines and you know which band is pulling the carriage. With several successful singles earning them the medals they display, they are back with another wrecking single. This is their latest, Demonic Oath. 

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Wrecking Ball metal vibes

If you were to assume that what you’ll get is some washed out rock-think again. Demonic Oath opens with the fantastic dynamic range of the vocalists’. It is a ripple effect, heard in even the rhythm section when it picks up. The opening is a shovel blow to the head, it has a little bit of everything. The duality in the lyrics-sung in the lower and higher register, make it a pulverizing track. You’ll keep your ears open for the banging chorus, even in the verse, there is no rest. Pressure has their signature sound at the boldest 10, showing that they can balance out some of the most brutal riffs with Opeth like arrangement pockets. The darkness is linked with the solos as well as the kick-ass drums shattering the silence. I’d have liked the production to turn up the guitars, but the vocals might have been the spotlight here.

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All The Things, Pressure and Sacramental Anger are worth obsessing over. They are stalwarts of the genre they love, and give their all while recording. Make sure you follow their singles, and listen to their 2022 album In a Dark Heart We Trust. Horns up, and get ready to headbang!:

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