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Emotive passages rule rock: LearningToDive on “Trust In Me”

Rock, as a genre, is diverse– from the themes that musicians represent within the massive sphere that is rock music, to the styles that musicians and bands employ to convey said themes. LearningToDive comes back to my ears with their latest release, “Trust In Me”, a slow, emotionally driven rock song with melodious vocals, and a set of instruments that push the boundaries of rock. Keep reading for what makes this song tick!

Inferred from the title, there is a lot of emotional play happening in the song here, and the vocals are crafted to reflect just that. The female vocals layered atop the melodically simple– yet powerful– main verses and the chorus follow soon after the intro, and the synth work in the background lend their charisma to this song, giving it a modern sound, while firmly still sticking to the outlines of a rock number; sung, sparsely instrumented sections, building up in a crescendo to reach a powerful two-part chorus, one with aforesaid female vocalist, that lends this song great, real character.

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The instrumentation keeps things interesting and experimental, leading to an epic orchestrated section serving as the display of grandeur classically accomplished with a screaming guitar, that makes for a pleasant foray into experimentalism in this song, and as the song starts to draw to a close, the energy is kept all the way up there, leaving me with a sense of energy, and motivation as the sounds slowly start fading into the background gently letting me go, letting my senses return to normal gradually, after the absolute dopamine hit this song gave me.

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The mixing work in this track is also great, with a layer-heavy production necessitating the use of creative techniques to fit all the elements of the song into the two channels we land with, ultimately, and I’m glad to report that that has been done beautifully here. There is enough space in the mix for the instruments and the vocals to coexist– heck, breathe organically, lending this song an added layer of flair that I came to quite appreciate as I looped this song on and on when crafting my thoughts on it.

“Trust In Me” by LearningToDive makes for a great song to listen to no matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing, and its execution, is, honestly, what lands this song a two-thumbs-up recommendation from me. Check out “Trust In Me” by LearningToDive here!

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