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Jordi Alkema’s “Put It Behind You” invites for Intimate Reflections!

“Put It Behind You” by Jordi Alkema is here to lure you with its rustic, folk rock charm. The song has a magnetic pull which makes you want to return to its enchanting melodies time and time again. The undeniable timeless appeal literally never fails to captivate you. 

From the first moments you will be swept away and become an ardent fan as “Put It Behind You” unfolds a sense of authenticity and intimacy. It’s like Alkema is directly speaking to us, baring his soul and inviting us into his realm. The first thing that stays with you is how Jordi Alkema has invited the listener to reflect on their own experiences while fostering a sense of unity and shared emotions. It’s that delicate balance between getting lost in your thoughts and feeling connected to something bigger. The lyrics beautifully remind us to embrace our true selves and to find strength in vulnerability. They focus on the importance of personal growth and happiness.

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Not only is the song capturing the emotion perfectly, the instrumentation and arrangement in itself are commendable. The song’s musical landscape is perfectly crafted to complement the lyrics. The instrumentation has a subtle beauty and restraint. The gentle acoustic guitars with their warm undertones provide a soothing embrace. There is a dynamic ebb and flow as the arrangement skillfully builds and recedes. The chorus offers a powerful emotional release, soaring with a soulful vocal delivery, a thumping drumbeat and a groovy bassline. 

An often underestimated yet crucial quality of a well-crafted arrangement lies in its strategic use of pauses. This has been taken special care of in the song “Put It Behind You.” The pauses are so skillfully executed that they allow the composition to breathe and the lyrics to sink in. They have served as the perfect punctuation marks that overall enhance the flow of the song and beautifully contribute to the natural rise and fall of the tension. 

Jordi Alkema has really touched hearts and given the world a song that it so desperately needs. A song that reflects, heals, and inspires you to navigate through life’s challenges with grace. A perfect example of how music has the power to uplift and transform lives. Don’t forget to check out the song here! 

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