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7000Apart’s “Runaway” Has It All : Flair, Soul, and Sonic Magic

Gather around music enthusiast because today we are diving into 7000Apart’s “Runaway,” a track hotter than a burning firecracker! Destiny pulled a classic romantic move when a Swedish exchange student Amelie Eiding  lands in the land of cheeseheads (that’s Wisconsin,), teaming her up with  Jon Kresin, during their young high school years. Sparks fly, guitars strum, ideas flow, and we’ve got the incredible 7000apart. 

“Runaway” is a tune which is like a triple shot of energy. With a sprinkle of pop-rock goodness and a dash of that hip-hop swag we all secretly crave, this duo has managed to blend all the best flavors into one delicious musical concoction. The crunchy guitars hit you like a lightning bolt, the thumping beats set the rhythm ablaze and the chorus soars high like an eagle riding the winds of melody. Together, these elements fuse into an uplifting and empowering soundscape. 

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Amelie’s voice is a rollercoaster of her own, that’s part an angelic serenade and part a blazing inferno. While channeling vibrant energy and downing a shot of pure passion, Amelie’s voice is a beautiful blend of silk and flames. And when that chorus kicks in, you better hold onto your socks, because they’re about to get knocked off. Her range is like a dance between the heavens and the undergrounds. 

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So if you’re itching for a track that’s as addictive as your morning coffee “Runaway” is your answer. Buckle up, press play, and let 7000apart take you on a wild, electrifying escapade. Check out the song here!

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