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FiveSidedDice – Baggage | Eccentric Neo-Soul+Rock

The multi-genre project FiveSidedDice from South Africa recently released a banging five-track EP titled ‘Baggage‘. Since his debut in 2016, project founder Roscoe Nefdt has released five albums and a steady stream of EPs and singles and is best known for his diverse collection of songs that showcases an eclectic mix of sounds. The group’s latest EP brings together Tiago Vital, Chester Summerton and Lookie Banzi in an eclectic fusion with songs ranging from hard rock to neo-soul and even ambient acoustic. It is an incredibly engaging record that will keep your ears busy until the very end!

Baggage EP Tracklist

The EP begins with a very dynamic track called Another Night, Another Tragedy. It starts off with a soft acoustic guitar melody sequence that builds up to accompany heavy metal growl vocals as it progresses. A simple drum beat establishes the rhythm of the song initially and is then driven by an energetic electric guitar. With a punk rock-like interlude and a few grungy textures, the track becomes quite aggressive as it progresses and supports the moderately paced rap vocals and growls quite well. Bassist Tiago Vital’s performance here enhances the upbeat groove excellently; a fantastic composition to open this fascinating EP!

When it comes to switching genres at a moment’s notice, FiveSidedDice doesn’t seem to have any problems. Track two, Killmusic is introduced with a colourful r&b/soul-like guitar progression and instantly feels a lot mellower than the opening song. It’s quite laid-back and has a summery vibe – very neo-soul and fresh, yet has a traditional jazzy sound that isn’t too overwhelming. My favourite part is undoubtedly Chester Summerton’s saxophone solo in the outro section, which is complemented by Tiago Vital’s trombone exquisitely. Roscoe’s skills as a songwriter and composer shine through here and I’m really eager to hear where he takes us next.

For those of you listening and reading along, you might’ve noticed that the previous track ended with a bit of amplifier noise, possibly introducing the grungy electric guitar that is used in Running Out of Life. Featuring the powerful vocals of Lookie Banzi, the song plays like a fusion of jazz, blues, rock and hip-hop as well. It’s amazing how these artists blend a variety of elements to form a cohesive sound that is intriguing and appealing on this EP. Roscoe’s bold vocals are accompanied by saxophone melodies and some wide electric guitars in the track, which shares a journey of frustration and freedom.

FiveSidedDice tends to follow a certain structure on this EP, and their songs typically start out smoothly and end on a high note. Unfit follows this arrangement as well, beginning with a melancholic, yet catchy alt pop-like progression that develops to a heavy drum-driven rock and roll finale with Roscoe’s favourite guitars and grungy textures. He talks about the troubles and displeasures of life and how sometimes it can be challenging to “fit in”. He shares the message that we all have our own share of baggage and to survive in this ever-changing world, one needs to learn to adapt and grow with the changing times.

The final track of the EP, aptly titled Leaving, begins with an interesting acoustic guitar progression that is a bit emotional. Roscoe sings about the mistakes he’s made in the past and ponders upon them on his introspective journey. “Friends may come and go / Maybe our paths will collide in / The future so who knows what’s written on the other side.” – With soft, emotive vocals, he suits the theme of the song which is about moving on from the past and the process of letting go. Leaving is quite soft and soothing as compared to the previous four tracks and it seems like FiveSidedDice saved the best for last!


With a unique name like FiveSidedDice, the group’s songs were bound to be unique as well and I must say, this is one of those music projects you just can’t assign a genre to! Baggage is a five-track EP exploring different styles of music and touching on relatable topics, such as the struggles of everyday life, in an engaging and somewhat playful way. In addition, the psychedelic and grunge elements make the songs feel more exciting and dynamic and that’s probably what makes them so appealing. Having released a plethora of songs since 2016, FiveSidedDice continues to release truly captivating music and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more from them soon!

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