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A Journey Through Kiirstin Marilyn’s ‘Kristoffer’ EP: Delicate Alt Pop Melodies

Kiirstin Marilyn, an alternative pop artist, songwriter, actor, and activist, has been shaped by a life devoted to music and live performances since her fascination with stage performance began at the age of 3. From a background in musical theater to fronting a hardcore prog rock band, Kiirstin has seen it all– and on her latest EP, “Kristoffer”, she presents a blend of tunes that are sure to keep stuck in your head. keep reading for my thoughts!

Dedicated to her late brother, “Kristoffer”, the album, is a beautiful collection of songs that waft from one emotion to another, with Kiirstin’s voice seamlessly stringing words and thoughts together into melodies and harmonies; and from the first track, “Beyond The Bad”, it’s immediately clear, the execution is top-notch. From her sweet voice that runs up and down octaves like it was born to, to the slight pushes of energy lent to it by the orchestral percussion in the background laid atop a steady rhythm of acoustic guitars and strings, “Beyond The Bad” forms the perfect opener to this album.

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The second song, “Real Life”, takes on a more energetic approach to the sound, gently awakening Kiirstin’s roots in rock music, with the acoustic guitars mindfully replaced by synths and electric guitars that ring loud and proud, with the drumming holding the song together rather well. There is a definite element of pop rock to be appreciated here, with Kiirstin’s harmonies being a standout on this song, with the way they dally with the guitars in the background, seemingly blending effortlessly into one. The themes on this album develop further through “Real Life”, serving as the perfect segue to the third song, “Twenty-Five”.

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“Twenty-Five” is an immediate return to a gentler, more soulful sound that showcases the delicateness in Kiirstin’s production as well as her vocal delivery, both of which shine brilliantly in this song. There are long, high notes, layered atop more orchestral instruments, with wind instruments making a curious entry here, playing beautifully with the pizzicato strings that give this song a lifelike quality, almost like a heartbeat. There is something about the heartstrings of this song that tugged at mine– and I was left a fan.

Some other special mentions on “Kristoffer” include “Train Tracks”, with the guitars coming back swinging with a rock-laden sound, that still follows a very enjoyable rhythm, layered with the basses and the vocal delivery that continues to be highlight, a recurring theme throughout this album. As we close with “Older”, this album leaves a delectable taste on my palate, beckoning me to explore more of Kiirstin’s work.

Overall, “Kristoffer” is a beautiful album that gets my two-thumbs-up recommendation, and I think it makes a great addition to your playlist, no matter where your interests in music lie. Check out “Kristoffer” by Kiirstin Marilyn here!

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