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“Cry” by Satellite Train: Vibey Lively Soft Rock

Satellite Train’s latest single, “Cry,” immerses listeners in a delicious dessert that resonates with optimism and healing energy. The composition, part of their upcoming album “The Melbourne Sessions,” is marked by a light and warm vibe, weaving a rhythmic glow that uplifts the spirit and evokes smiles all around. Keep reading for my thoughts!

Satellite Train features a roster of skilled musicians hailing from notable bands in both Australia and the United States, with members from renowned groups such as Icehouse, James Reyne, The Black Sorrows, and Paul Kelly, among others. The single sets the stage for their upcoming debut album, “The Melbourne Sessions,” promising an album full of diverse musical offerings. As the band blends genres and draws influences from rock, pop, and alternative sounds, their fusion of talent from Australian and American musicians creates a dynamic and engaging sound that remains very firmly rooted in your ears.

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The lyrics deliver a moving story, urging people to take a deep breath and focus on the positive aspects of life. The music, filled with enthusiasm, carries a sense of lightness, making listeners more aware of their surroundings and painting a vivid picture of the dawn breaking through the darkness. Despite the seemingly melancholic theme alluded to by the title, the song’s message is far from sorrowful; instead, it brims with inspiration. This is particularly evident in the triumphant chorus, where singer Michael Paynter urges listeners to “open up your heart” and “catch a falling star.” The song conveys a powerful message of inner strength and the pursuit of joy, even in the face of challenging circumstances which is something I absolutely loved during my time listening to “Cry”.

“Cry” by Satellite Train represents just the start of a lot of great music coming out from the kitchen over at the band’s. Keep an eye, out surely. Check out the track here!

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