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“Hotel Cecil” by Weirdoe: Hard-hitting flows, served up in rap and a side of a great instrumental

Aaron Weir, better known by his online alias “Weirdoe”, is a rapper hailing from Northampton, who concentrates his attention on making hard-hitting hits with smooth flows, and his single “Hotel Cecil”, is the latest example of that. Keep reading for my thoughts!

There is a lot to unpack here– from the aggressive delivery to the gritty, heavy beat; and from the very first second, the messaging is clear– Weirdoe is not here to tell fluffy stories, he’s here to deliver stories that hit close to home. The beat complements this perfectly– with the ominous sounding piano in the background, to the present, significant 808s that permeate the whole of the song. His lyricism retains grit, panache, and technical complexity, as they all marry together to bring the energy of the song right where Weirdoe wants it.

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One thing that stands out about “Hotel Cecil” is the saturated, distorted vocal texture, the result of a creative mix. This, only serves to drive forward the haunting, aggressive theme of the song, and I think that is very well translated here. Coupled with the pianos and the rest of the percussive ensemble, this song is quite something in creating vivid imagery in the mind of the listener.

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The instrumental on “Hotel Cecil”, again, is a showcase of creativity. Under the chaos lies an ocean of quirkiness, and that shows in the sample and adlib choices made here– with everything from police sirens to cartoon sounds in the background, there is a myriad of elements at play here, and they come together quite effectively to create the impression of a beat that does not take itself very seriously, but something that has a lot of punch and rhythm, regardless.

There are few songs that match the way that “Hotel Cecil” delivers on its messaging; and here, that is accomplished with the flow of the rapping. There are mainly straight flows throughout, and while that may be a measure of technical simplicity, the rhyme schemes that dwell in these straight flows is quite something to look for.

In conclusion, “Hotel Cecil” by Weirdoe is what happens when you get the theme idea for a song and manage to translate it excellently. Check out the track here!

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