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Sweeter than Sorrow – Into the Night | Soothing
Sweeter than Sorrow – Into the Night | Soothing

Sweeter than Sorrow – Into the night | Soothing 

Sweeter than Sorrow also known as Mattias Wahlberg is an ardent singer, songwriter, and producer. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, he kicked off his musical career with his debut single in 2021 called “Like Water is Flowing” which got more than 100k streams. His music can be described as sweet, chill, acoustic, emotional, romantic, heartfelt, and folk which is based on the elements like vocals, piano, cello, and contrabass. Sweeter than Sorrow has a unique and creative approach to his songwriting and is currently writing and producing his debut album. 

Sweeter than Sorrow has released 2 singles and both of them are a huge success, he is back with yet another heartwarming and melancholic song called “Into the night”.

Talking about the ingredients of the song in detail. “Into the night” is a very chill and mellow song with an eerie vibe, it starts with a beautiful and dark piano piece that sets the mood. Soon the vocals kick in with one of the most mesmerizing melody works. The voice of Mattias is so beautiful and soothing and the unique style of singing goes perfectly with the song. The contrabass and cello add up after the chorus giving the song more life. The song is beautifully written and the melody is just out of the world, it’s a song to fall asleep to. 

 Sweeter than Sorrow is a genius and his ability to make songs that are so heartwarming and soothing is just remarkable. The production of “Into the night” is so minimalistic and amazing and everything is just on point. It is highly recommended to listen to the song. 

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