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Hostile Array’s new jaw-dropping ep “Trauma” is phenomenal. 

Hostile Array is an amazing band that has been making bursting into the music scene with its unique and modern sound. Based out of Maryland, US, the five-member band debuted in 2018 and has evolved massively over the years. Their music can be defined as a blend of heavy rock and post-hardcore sounds, mostly from the 2000s era. Their work has all the elements of hit music from catchy hooks to sleek production and songwriting.

Hostile Array consists of five members and on the lead is Brendan Frey on vocals, Brody Barbour on bass, Hector Fernandez on lead guitar, Fredy Menjivar on drums, and Garrison Frey on guitars. The band has released several singles, eps, and an album since its debut in 2018 and is back with another ep called “Trauma”. Let’s talk about several songs from the ep in detail. 

The first song in ep is called “Wounds” and it has been quite successful with 80k streams on Spotify. The song starts with a fast techno-style lead on a synth and some low-cut vocals that starts building excitement. The heavy drop kicks in the much-needed guitar riff and powerful drums. The guitar riff is so catchy and has so much power. Soon the vocals kick in with a beautiful melody and haunting lyrics. The heaviness rises in the chorus with vocals being so loud and impactful and drums and guitars at their peak. The modern elements of synth and vocal harmonies add so much goodness to the song. The production is also top-notch with everything being so well-balanced and perfect. “Wounds” is a song that you don’t want to miss listening to.

 Another song from the ep is called “Heavy”. The song starts with a deep-sounding intro on an 808 bass and with some modern hip-hop sounds. The vocals kick in soon with a mesmerizing melody and lo-fi feel. The touch of Hostile Array comes in the chorus with heavy guitars and drums. There are a lot of modern pop and rock elements in the song. There is a lot of simplicity in the structure of the song as everything is kept so basic yet so impressive. 

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Hostile Array is a band that has so much potential and creativity when it comes to music. Their new ep “Trauma” defines them in a much more precise way. It is highly recommended to listen to their music. 

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