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Highwayves – Frame It | Electrifying
Highwayves – Frame It | Electrifying

Highwayves – Frame It | Electrifying 

Highwayves, are just as awesome as their name suggests. They are a music collective that is projecting its unique music out loud into the world. Highwayves are a group of geniuses who have created a distinguished genre of music. They make some phenomenal songs by blending their creative approach to music and poetic lyricism with a combo of grunge and dream pop. 

Highwayves are fairly new in the music scene but are ready to rock the world. They just released their debut single called “Frame It” in 2023. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a guitar riff that sounds just wonderful and dreamy. With drums and bass filling in for the guitar riff, it all sounds incredibly beautiful together. All the guitars have a distinct sound that sits perfectly in the background with drums being in the center of the mix. Soon the vocals kick in and the song lifts up with full power and energy. The grunge part of the song kicks in with heavy drums and energetic vocals. The song is filled with heavy guitar riffs and master drum work giving the fells of hard rock.

 “Frame It” is a unique blend of multiple genres and a product of the geniuses of Highwayves. It’s highly recommended to listen to the song. 

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