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Vince Way – Soul | Charm
Vince Way – Soul | Charm

Vince Way – Soul | Charm

Vince Way is a passionate artist who loves creating charming and soulful tunes. For those who love music that appeals to all your senses, Vince Way has just the right tracks for you. You would want to delve into his songs and get lost in the magic of the soundscapes. With charming tunes, alluring lyrics, and soulful melodies, the listeners feel in awe of what they hear.

Vince Way recently released a track called Soul. Soul is just what its name suggests. Everything about this track creates a soulful spell around you that leaves you wanting more once the song ends. You would be awestruck by how well the song manages to soothe you and excite you at the same time. The song starts off with a nice savoury tune that goes on to become a mesh of all sorts of musical flavours. With amazing tunes that are super fresh and unheard before, transcending pace and a gorgeous amalgamation of every layer, we get a fine product which is this track that feels like a blessing.

Soul is sung in a beautiful manner. The vocals are intense, rich, soft, and slow-paced. You would realize soon as you listen to the track that the magic of Soul is hugely contributed by the amazing vocals of Vince Way. He does his magic by singing in a way that complements the vibe of the whole track. Calming vocals of Vince Way add whole another vibe to the track and makes the song even more delightful.

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