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Pena Hughes-John- Inner Child | Electrifying

Pena Hughes-John is a UK singer-songwriter who has been influenced by Tori Amos, Skunk Anansie, Kate Bush, and Bjork. Pena Hughes-John is one of those persons who can’t seem to stop herself from being creative. Her musical styles are diverse. Her music is an interesting combination of numerous genres, depending on the project she is working on at the time. Pena is a one-of-a-kind artist who uses music to express a variety of stories. She has a wide range of styles under her belt. The genres include  Progressive rock, gothic rock, punk rock, indie rock, ska, reggae, and folk music. It all relies on the song and the vibe. Thoughts impact her, and she has the ability to choose parts from up to five different genres, if not more! You never know what to anticipate, but one thing is certain: it will not be boring! Lethia’s Natorium, her band, is a fusion of symphonic gothic and punk rock. Her solo music, on the other hand, is indie rock and folk.

Her new single ‘Inner Child’ song will make you feel good. From the great production quality to the positive message delivered in a fun way, we can’t get enough of this song. It’s a must-have for anyone who cherishes good music and meaningful lyrics. This song awakens our inner self with its tremendous energy. We forget who we are all the time, and this song was written to help us rediscover. It starts with massive synths and a booming beat, followed by forceful voices. Pena wants us to feel and not be blinded by our adult lives, or by the daily routine that goes on for much too long without giving us time to think. You will undoubtedly feel energised after listening to this music. Get out of your seat!

Enjoy listening to ‘Inner Child’ here.

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