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GraffiArts -Whose Brian
GraffiArts -Whose Brian
GraffiArts -Whose Brian

GraffiArts explores a choice selection of R&B vibes with his EP, “Whose Brian”

GraffiArts has the perfect proportion of R&B, soul and hip-hop in his music. This is a difficult ratio to achieve, some might even call it too ambitious. It is how he is using the spectrum that is interesting, for his music slaps the boredom out of pop loops. This is his EP, Whose Brian. You wouldn’t have heard a collection like this in quite a while. 

Opening with a delectable jazz intro, Where You Go sets the temperature in this sauna. GraffiArts has a unique choice of words, styles and blends. It is like watching a master concocter in his element. The bass isn’t dominating, the jazz chords following in the background with a dapper demeanour. 

Swimming through sounds

Collaborating with Muziq Mod3r for the next track, Privacy-you’ll see the gravity change. If the previous track showed his way around the melody, this one is around the groove. He steps and slides, with his words and flow. To perceive the changes, while making such immersive backgrounds and ambiances, is very impressive. For Not Okay, Phumy and GraffiArts join hands for a trap delight. The bass booms, the delicate wind chime like melody recurring in the background. Changing the pace like this within an album keeps it inviting and engaging, rather than keeping the same steady pace that might become monotonous. 

The Last-Gasp Interlude brings you another heavy beat, kind of tying tracks together and echoing the simple yet chill energy that he has. Your Love brings some quality R&B, easily one of the best in this EP. The rhymes, style and flow is heavenly, creating a vortex of superb melody. Closing out the album with some relaxed, serenading vibes-GraffiArts doesn’t hold back. The simplicity in emotion and delivery of She Knows makes it seem almost like a ballad. A perfect, rounded ending to an incredible album. You can watch his wings sprout in his 2020 EP Jukebox, after which he tells new tales in this EP. This is an artist not only worth watching out for, but to keep listening to. Listen to his incredible EP here:

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