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Dani Twice – LOS 999ATOS | Eclectic Hip-Hop

Tampa, Florida-based singer-songwriter, rapper, producer and visual creator Dani Twice recently dropped his debut album titled – “LOS 999ATOS”. The artist is of Colombian-American origin and is known for his eclectic production and emotive rapping style, as heard on his best-known tracks “WONDERFUL” and “SUN FLARE!”. Dani Twice writes both in Spanish and English, giving his music a unique flavour that brings forward sounds both fresh and familiar.

LOS 999ATOS Album

Nine Cats, Nine Lives?

Nine tracks on this debut album release by Dani Twice are inspired by a cat’s nine lives. Each track is describes a different emotion and has it’s own unique sound; check out the album art for a visual treat!

LOS 999ATOS is a vibrant and dynamic blend of Rap, R&B, Latino, and Electronic music that is sure to get your body moving. The upbeat and lively themes of the songs are catchy and confident, with a production style that is sample-driven and sonically creative. The bass-heavy instrumentation is full of synths and other electronic elements that add depth and texture to the tracks.

From the very first track, “CO! CO! (Falsetto), listeners are treated to a laid-back yet groovy hip-hop sound that seamlessly incorporates both Spanish and English lyrics. The latin music-influenced cadences on this track are particularly infectious, and the production is top-notch, with a fantastic mix of instruments that showcases Dani Twice’s eclectic production style.

But Dani Twice doesn’t stop there. The album continues to surprise and delight with each track, offering a diverse range of sounds and styles. “PARCERA,” for example, is an acoustic guitar-driven track with a simple reggae-like beat and dynamic vocals that showcase Dani Twice’s versatility as a singer-songwriter too. Meanwhile, “JUMP” is a rap track that packs a punch with its 808-heavy beat and strong transitions, and “STUPID BET” is a laid-back rap track with a chill beat and strong vocals, that cut through the mix beautifully; a top-notch production.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “BAG MAN,” which features a brass section sample over a tight beat, giving the track a slightly retro feel. This song also features artist Tony Narvaez . The bass-heavy production can be a bit overpowering at times, but the clean mix ensure that the smooth vocals shine through and are harmonized excellently as well. The lyrics are catchy and the hook is particularly memorable: “tell me where it’s at / this is where it’s at / you say you got the bag, got the bag / but I don’t want it“.

Dani Twice doesn’t shy away from tackling more emotional and introspective themes on this album. “SAD BOY” is a gritty hip-hop track with hard-hitting production and gangster rap vocals that belie the emotional undertones of the track. The contrast between the emotional strings melody and the vocal gives the track a unique and engaging sound overall.

BLACK CAT” has a sound that seems inspired by the rapper Logic, though Dani Twice’s signature tone does come through as the track progresses. The intricately produced elements along with a bunch of ear-candy enhance your listening experience.

INFINITY” is a quite unlike from the others tracks on the album. It starts off with a long intro that showcases an experimental sound. The track features a mix of retro drums, bluesy guitars, electronica, and stacks of vocals that create an immersive soundscape. It’s a bold and daring track that showcases Dani Twice’s willingness to push the boundaries of their sound.

“The final track on the album, “PAST LIVES,” is a fitting close to the nine-track journey through Dani Twice’s eclectic and theatrical compositions. With a soothing string instrumentation sample on the beat, and a reverb-y electric guitar to set the mood, this track is all about acknowledging the past and the journey of rebirth. Dani Twice sings in an emotive and transparent tone about what he’s been chasing, making for a very apt and somewhat soothing end to the album. It’s a powerful and emotive way to close out the release, and it’s clear that Dani Twice has poured their heart and soul into this track.”

Overall, Dani Twice’s latest album is a must-listen for fans of diverse and dynamic music. From upbeat and catchy tracks to more introspective and emotional offerings, there’s something for everyone on this release. Dani Twice has once again proven their ability to craft tracks that are sure to get you moving and grooving.

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