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Claire Bigley-Embodiment (Duet)
Claire Bigley-Embodiment (Duet)
Claire Bigley-Embodiment (Duet)

Claire Bigley-Embodiment (Duet) | A ballet of joy

Claire Bigley is a writer of stories. It helps that she does it through her instrument, the piano. With emotional phrasings and delicate compositions, she has had a successful career as a teacher, musical director in theatre and to round it all off, a performer. Her composition is a duet reprise from her 2022 album, Emergence. This is Embodiment.

For strings and piano to marry, it is a holy thing to witness and experience. Here, Jami Sieber helps Claire Bigley out with arguably her best tracks on the album. It is a complete work of art, and here it carries the only flourishes and highlights that seem relevant. The strings imitate a vocalist, bringing a dimension into the song that was unimaginable. The piano recesses into the limelight, still having a percussive, poignant feel as an instrument. As the strings and piano unite for some sections, you know this is a rendezvous meant to be. It is the heart and soul of the song coming together. It is a waltz worth witnessing, every breath in and out captured through the subtleties of the instrument. Furthermore, it is a drama waiting to be noticed, and here it is, framed.

You can enjoy Claire Bigley’s album Emergence, a masterpiece in composition of such a fine art. It is delicate yet commands attention, contrasts that artists take a lifetime to achieve. To experience brilliant compositions during the pandemic, listen to Love Letters at the Time of Covid. Claire Bigley is a gift that keeps on giving. Listen to her latest single here:

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