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Miles Away releases a heartwarming track ‘Two Halves of a Heart’
Miles Away releases a heartwarming track ‘Two Halves of a Heart’

Miles Away releases a heartwarming track ‘Two Halves of a Heart’

Miles Away is a proud musical undertaking of Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer Devin Belanger. His recent release is a song called ‘Two Halves of a Heart’.

Known for his intrinsically rich music which is often stroked with nostalgia, this time, Belanger’s brand new song is living up to his music style. The song ‘Two Halves of a Heart’ is a beautiful and immersive number that binds together elements of indie and electronic and beautifully brings forth a rich amalgamation of worthwhile soundscapes. The song starts off in a laid-back manner and Belanger’s stunning vocals set your expectations a little too high. Deeply moving, his voice has an altogether different impact on the listeners. With intense vocals and even more intense sounds, this song becomes easily likable and hard not to listen to on a loop. 

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The song is generally quite soothing and the great thing about it is its transcendental quality that sets this song apart. Due to rich musical intricacy, this song will be devoured by the music geeks who have an ear for good music. 

Moreover, you shouldn’t miss out on this track not only because of its rich soundscapes but also because of its lyrics. The lyrics of the song are something too ethereal to be ignored. Belanger beautifully explores various hear touching themes that make this song all the more poignant. 

With stunning, indie-electronic soundscapes, amazing lyrics, and luscious vocals, we can’t tell a single reason why you shouldn’t listen to this song!

Listen to the song right here: 

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