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“It Takes Two”: Sharon Hendrix Unleashes a Refreshing Blend of 1970s Vibes and Contemporary Energy

“It Takes Two” by Sharon Hendrix is the latest release from one of the most talented vocalists who has experienced it all, from sharing the stage with hall-of-famers like Bob Dylan, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder, to collaborating with virtual unknowns. Her sound embodies the distinctiveness of the 1970s, sprinkled with fresh brass, lively uptempo pianos, and a refreshing vocal delivery that seamlessly blends modern elements with the nostalgic essence of bygone days. This fusion creates an invigorating mix that will captivate your ears. Read on for my thoughts!

Embracing the spirit of the great 1970s, the production of “this song”It Takes Two” is rich and diverse, incorporating a multitude of instruments. From jazzy, uptempo pianos to the electrifying brass brought to life by the trumpets, the song maintains a fast rhythm that immediately captivates the listener. Coupled with Sharon’s powerful songwriting, particularly evident in her lyrical prowess, this combination creates a certified bop.

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Sharon’s vocal delivery remains consistently strong throughout the entire duration of the song. Accompanied by Marvin Robinson’s vocals, the duo brings an energetic and enjoyable sound, further enhanced by the excellent mix and master of the track. The mix allows each instrument to breathe organically, providing ample space, while the master makes the entire sound stage feel full and expansive.

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Overall, “It Takes Two” by Sharon Hendrix is a captivating and enjoyable listen that is guaranteed to brighten your day or even your entire week. Be sure to check out the song here!

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