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millhope uses another dimension for aural experiences in “Illusion”

An artist like millhope is hard to come by. The dedication to creating instrumental music that speaks volumes is as arduous as it is rewarding. Less is known about this instrumentalist, this sorcerer who has compounded technicality with feel. We will now experience the world he has designed. This is his debut single, Illusion. 

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millhope breathes in the music

With a surrounding digital fabric and silken string work, millhope creates a world fit for getting lost in. The passages are smooth and simple, while synth effects reel you in for a cinematic experience. Each instrument is highlighted within minimal soundscapes. It makes it easier to hear every instrument’s motion-an entertaining presentation. Percussions recedes whenever necessary, holding steady for the rhythm in some places. The lead melodies in some parts are mesmerizing, helping the song develop within the concept. All in all, you remain entertained with the kind of spatial experiences a musician of this kind has to offer. 

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millhope’s arrangement style is admirable. This song’s build is as instructive as the word, Illusion. You’ll have a surprising and rewarding journey with a musician like this, who drives to boil all his inspirations into one fantastic patch of audio. 

Citing Genesis, Tycho and Muse as inspirations will have a cascade of something new. The derivatives are never literal, these are just the curators of dreams. millhope will create and invite you to more of these soundscapes in due time. Till then, listen to his latest single:

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