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Calista Kazuko – Panda | Celebrating Motherhood

Calista Kazuko is born and raised in a bohemian household where music was a part of living. She is the daughter of the late and great violinist Paul Robertson. Ever since she studied piano at London’s Royal Academy of Music, she has been singing and gaining fans around the world with her powerful voice and fascinating songwriting. Calista is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter known for spectacular genre-bending, going beyond limits, and integrating surprising influences.

When I heard her latest release ‘Panda,’ for the first time, I was left speechless by the powerful lyrics and sweeping melodies. The song feels both deeply personal and symbolic at once; it speaks to the unbreakable link between mothers and daughters from generation to generation. It also happens to be an unbelievably catchy tune!

I’m not alone in loving this track—the song is an instant classic that showcases this artist’s legendary vocal skills and beautiful piano lines. Who would not fall in love with such a masterpiece? ‘Panda’ is both symbolic and poignantly personal, providing a feel-good song. It is one of those rare songs that on first listen is instantly recognizable as a classic. Right from the start, where she sings “Panda, Mama”, to being backed by an irresistible and thumping beat, the track grabs your attention. While the lyrics are simple, they get to the heart of what so many people feel.

Enjoy listening to Panda here.

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