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R3liks – Eternity | Musical Extravaganza

The stage name R3liks belongs to electronic music creator Adam Furmage from Birmingham. Echoes of many other musicians may be heard in his productions, including trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack and Portishead as well as electronic giants deadmau5 and Pryda. Instead of merely copying these artists, R3liks has diligently created a distinctive and arresting sound that expertly walks the line between the underground and the mainstream. With hundreds or even thousands of streams across all platforms after self-releasing the tracks 28 Hartnell, Intoxicate, and Something Blue on Kobalt’s AWAL label, R3liks has already amassed incredible figures.

Now, this talented artist has come up with a new single ‘Eternity.’ The song starts with an amazing bassline and when the vocals come in, the mood is set just right. The musical arrangement is constantly changing and the layers take the spotlight. The result is a trippy and unforgettable song that will keep you hooked for eternity. The song is so passionate and the singer’s voice is so seductive that you can easily imagine yourself dancing wildly to it. The catchy tune will take you straight to musical heaven if you listen to it with great speakers or headphones on. I was transported to a dance club listening to this song. Such a delight! To create a masterpiece like this, skill, patience, and dedication toward perfectionism are needed. And all three of which appear to be part of Adam’s repertoire. There is no better song if you need a serotonin boost or are looking for a special song to help you clear your thoughts!

Enjoy listening to Eternity here.

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