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Alien Machine-The Sea Complains
Alien Machine-The Sea Complains
Alien Machine-The Sea Complains

Alien Machine-The Sea Complains | Absurd chaos delivers sanctuary

Alien Machine don’t need to constrain themselves to the music terminologies and inconsistencies of our world. They are extra terrestrials, hence they are exempted to another set of rules. This is their EP for the year, The Sea Complains, and it makes perfect sense as to why they’ll melt your faces off. They’re on the grind for what is sacred and heavy.

Opening with math, Alien Machine let the riffs and madness out. The screaming vocals attest to the sludge on the guitars, high on compression and distortion. In any case, the short track is a powerful intro to what will be a near-perfect EP. The second track is why, and it goes on to show their love for chaos. Imagine a confluence of The Pixies ideals with Suicidal Tendencies. That’s quite the abrasive mixture, but hey, someone loves that idea to death.

In punk roots remain

Ask for punk energy, and you will be heard. Coward makes the Ramones shiver in their graves (sorry Johnny Ramone), within a sliver of hope that they provide. The jangling guitar are a quiet respite to what will be wild vocals and an intense beat that keeps you nodding your head. Aquaburst is the track after, and the guitars bring in their usual intensive energy with Hans Zimmer level anticipation. Almost an RATM level of energy comes out with the riff, and vocal chords can be heard tearing on microphone. Impressive performance all around.

Sputnik Heart closes out the album, but a special version. It almost sounds like David Bowie picked up guitar duties for this track. Who says you need to scream all album? The simple brooding vocals are melodic this time. The highs on the guitar are disturbingly sharp for the chorus, othwerwise this track is a perfect closing number for their EP. It is a great collection of songs with infectious energy, and we can’t wait to hear more from Alien Machine.

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