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Vartman asks time its purpose with his latest pop single, “Samay”

Vartman might be an elusive figure, for now. This is a dawn of a new era in Indian indie poo, and he brings the good. With his elusive sound combining the best of both worlds, he pays his respects while getting inspired. His latest single Samay is a testament to these music genres that he has grown up listening to. Prepare to be immersed in a tidal wave of sound.

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The echoing, reverberating notes are the seconds of time that you can feel. They are enriching- a tip of the hat to the pop legends who have utilised it for some amazing effects. Vartman goes on to sing the song in an enrapturing melody, something that holds on to you, from the lyrics to arrangement. The hip-hop embellishments are heard in not only the percussive arrangement, but with some killer input from Karam as well. All in all, you’ll never feel the time pass by with a song like this-a message in a bottle. The melancholy is embedded within the song, it is not regret, but a morose moment of watching time pass by like this. Background activity remains dynamic, while both Vartman and Karam deliver a superb single worth looping for a while. 

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Though this is just his debut, there is a good sense of the flavour he will bring to the track. It is a brilliant composition, lyrically heavy and thoughtful. This is all while accessing a genre that is seemingly saturated. This might be the indie messiah that the world of music is waiting for. Listen to his single here:

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