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9 o'clock Nasty-Dude, Your Mom's a Squid?
9 o'clock Nasty-Dude, Your Mom's a Squid?
9 o'clock Nasty-Dude, Your Mom's a Squid?

9 o’clock Nasty collaborate for another psychedelic single, “Dude, Your Mom’s a Squid?”

9 o’clock Nasty conquered the Earth with their idiosyncratic songwriting and offbeat style. They didn’t choose these personas, they were gifted them. With a few albums and many singles under their belt-they searched far and wide for someone with that sugar and spice in their music taste. Behold, I am the Unicorn Head. These 2 artists collaborate for a third time with their latest single, Dude, Your Mom’s a Squid?

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After the success of their 2 part mini EP The Worms, they knew they shared a special something. Maybe this one is with an extra-terrestrial touch. Opening with a groovy drum beat, the synth and funky guitars take over. You have permission to revel in it for a minute, and the preaching begins. Not really subtle, the mushroom pizza might have been more potent than your ordinary Papa John’s.

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You travel through the mind of the protagonist-creeping through wormholes and hyper-parsing the leathery back of a turtle. While the Moby like background echoes, the importance falls on the lyrics, creating a sandwich with silly string and LSD. Type that on some AI platform, and you’ll make 9 o’clock Nasty and I am the Unicorn Head very happy. 

9 o’clock Nasty have nothing to prove any more, their genre is one that they rule with an iron fist. IATUH has his album Unicorns in Space to listen to during your next album release high. Make sure you follow these fantastic artists for songs that delight, excite and squeeze your brain for imagination larger than life. Now lay back with a mushroom pizza and enjoy the single here:

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