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Beware Wolves – Beware Wolves | Ecstatic Melody

Beware Wolves is a band which believes in spontaneity and have recorded several tracks spontaneously which mighty sound a bit intriguing to some. They have already released an anthology of 9 volumes and a single album. Their musical sense is so different and unique that it will surely make you loose your mind. Their discography is one of the most unique discography I’ve ever seen.

They released all their 9 volumes in 2022 and apart from that they have released one full length album named ‘Beware Wolves takes after their stage name! The album is so amazing that you wouldn’t believe that an year would even be enough to create such a masterpiece. The album starts of with the track ‘Badsome’ which is a perfect way to start an album. The track is just the right amount of subtle and tacky. This will surely set the mood for the ecstatic album which is bound to take you on a rollercoaster ride. ‘Badsome’ is followed by ‘Blackout’ which is so beautifully structured and executed that will take up a spot in your head and stay there forever.

The next track on the album is ‘Envy of Stars’ which is a track that you could groove to. This track will surely make you leave your seats and sway with the music that flows like a river. The vocals are magically hypnotic and binds you to some extraterrestrial enchantment. This track is followed by ‘July’ which is a country track. I am not such a huge fan of country music yet loved this track as it was so unique and innovative. Fifth track on the album is named ‘Long Shot in the Dark’ which is my personal favorite. This track projects some amazing guitar strums and vocals that will make you feel weightless.

‘Me For You’ is the sixth track on the album and is so beautifully composed and written. The harmonies are amazingly executed to deliver the most impact. However this is the only track that I felt went off at places. Other than that the track sounds great and pretty amazing. This is a track which is followed by the most unique track on the album which is named ‘Rather Be Fishing’ The track has some complex groove complimented by some heart-felt vocals. You will surely fall in love with the whole vibe of the next track named ‘Torrey Pine’. The guitars are so beautifully places below the vocals so heavily processed yet fitting the vibe. This track is meant to break the charts and ain’t nothing stopping them.

The next three tracks, ‘U.S. Mail’, ‘Water & Stone’ and ‘Whiskey Dreams’ will be yours to discover. The way the album is constructed makes me feel that I will be giving away way too much if I start writing about the last three which are a perfect feast for your ears. Just a little heads-up, Water & stone goes heavy! Do give this album and these artist a go and trust me, there is no turning back. You will be bound to them for life!

You can go ahead and catch a little glimpse of ‘Beware Wolves’ by Bewared Wolves-

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