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Caspar Grant – Everything’s Been Done Before

Caspar Grant is a diverse artist with tight grips in writing, rapping, producing and being a multi-instrumentalist, he has his own way around music. His tracks are like a perfect collision of hard-core deep lyrics and strong music. Raised in Birmingham, Caspar is paving his way to the top with his razor sharp bars ready to take down anyone and anything that comes in between him and his crown. His discography is short yet diverse consisting just the right tracks to project his versatility and strong lyrical game. His song ‘Snake Oil’ is an older work that is highly recommended for anyone who likes to listen some smooth bars.

Caspar Grant recently released a single named ‘Everything’s Been Done Before’ which if full of innovative flows. The way he structures his rhymes just leaves me bewitched. His lyrics are deep and he manages to pull off some wit just enough to add the perfect sauce to the track. The track starts off with a distorted noise and hysteric laughing and by the first 10 seconds of the track, you’ll know the vibe of the song. The way he holds up the pace throughout the track is remarkable. The music goes in perfect harmony with the lyrics and the flows. The music will surely have you air drumming throughout the track. The way Caspar Grant chooses just the right words to induce just the right emotions that he tries to convey is something that takes this MC far ahead of any other. ‘Everything’s Done Before’ is a must listen. Do not miss out on this masterpiece.

Listen to ‘Everything’s Done Before’ by Caspar Grant.

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