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The Brass Bambees-On With the Show
The Brass Bambees-On With the Show
The Brass Bambees-On With the Show

The Brass Bambees rock behind the curtains with their latest, “On With the Show”

The Brass Bambees have Dali in a coffee can, but have most of their careers in music ahead of them. Their surreal way of looking at rock might not be for everyone, especially not the vanilla newspaper flies that “explore music”. Here, this band wants you to hear a sound like never before. They also want you to have fun while doing it. This is their latest single, On With the Show. 

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First impressions lead to that cool bassline and the voice that serenades. When I say serenades, it’s a Cobain-Staley kind of vocal mixture that is unrestrained rage festering inside. It is more than a character act-probably the embodiment of the music they love. With just the opening, they set a precedent for what kind of song we’ll have in the back pocket. You’ll find yourself drawing parallels to Alice in Chains, especially when the guitars kick into that delicious overdrive. The Brass Bambees are as natural and raw as a live band could get, no triggers, no production sorcery and definitely no polished loops greeting us. It is a hopscotch jump from their debut release, Modern Casanova. I won’t worry about this band not having fans for too long. There are at least 5000 of them out there. 5001 if you count an egghead music critic. 

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You’ll find their music on many playlists, and there are some definite bangers that will be coming soon. Patience is the name of the game, and their game is stronger than an Premier League player just off a treble win. Listen to their single here and expect nothing short of excellence from The Brass Bambees:

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