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Julian Tran - Another Day
Julian Tran - Another Day

Julian Tran – Another Day | Melancholic Bliss

Julian Tran, a 25-year-old songwriter who is currently based in London is a musical magician who can take you to the highest of the highs. Hailing from Paris, he moved to London with his band. It wasn’t further when he realized his true potential lied in his solo project and set out on a musical journey of his own. In the beginning, he used an alias, Sonic Eater, and started doing shows and releasing tracks.

His debut album, Misery under his real name Julian Tran and hasn’t stopped ever since. His ecstatic vocals and his soothing tone are what make this artist so special. If you love to listen to tracks that are mellow and glide like wind, you are surely going to love this artist. Do check out his tracks if you feel like this is the kind of music you listen to!

I came across this artist recently when I listened to his latest release which is named ‘Another Day’ which is an absolute feast for the soul. The track expresses vivid emotions through words that are spun into a perfect mesh. You will truly enjoy the profound lyricism that is sung with beauty. The track flows like a river amidst the forest, calm and soothing yet vital for life. The deep emotions that Julian Tran expresses through this track gave me several chills. The melodies are intricate yet simple. Drums are well-arranged and play an inseparable role in the track. The whole vibe of the track is spun with beauty. Do give this track a go! You will surely love it.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track down here-

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