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Grimm Winter - Sojourn
Grimm Winter - Sojourn
Grimm Winter - Sojourn

Grimm Winter – Sojourn

If you are in the mood to listen to an album with a variance of sound in every track, then the latest EP by Grimm Winter, Sojourn, is where your search ends. The band is based out of Washington, D.C., the United States of America and comprises five members, Clay Underwood on vocals, Casey Paul and Andrew Wink on guitars and vocals, Kevin Rogers on drums, and Caeden Cloud takes over the responsibilities for the bass. Together, this five-piece band creates melodic alternative rock music that sounds very much like rock music back in the 90s but with the touch of their artistic brilliance.

In the EP Sojourn, Grimm Winter presents us with a sublime blend of nostalgia along with modernity, and it is indeed a palette of sheer musical versatility in which every song differs in terms of vibes, musical elements, lyricism, and soundscape. Besides their amazing musical artistry, the production of this EP is an overall sonic delight to keen listeners and is a blissful and enjoyable experience when you listen to it from start to finish in one go.

Let us take a look at the beautiful tracks this EP gives us!

The approximately 15 minutes long five-song EP, Sojourn, starts with a very straightforward out-and-out rock tune, The Narrows, which, regardless of the power-packed soundscape, seems very soothing to the ears, and you should definitely look out for the very melodious guitar solo towards the end of the song. The second song Ferryman is a groovy, easy-listening kind of song with occasional overdriven surprises that you will really enjoy, and the beautiful yet minimalistic guitar solo with just the choice of right notes adds the spice to this song.

Vagabonds, the third track of this EP, keeps up with the title really well, and it is a song that sets your mood up to plan a trip with your friends immediately because this track has got that vibe of long drives to it. People Talking To People is the song that follows, and it is an up-tempo track that makes you groove with the amazingly catchy guitar strumming. You will be surprised by the sudden shift to an even higher tempo between the song and the madness that goes on until the end of it.

The final song of the EP is the title track, and it is perhaps the perfect song to bring an end to this beautiful album. One can describe this last song Sojourn as a slow, symphonic, heartwarming, and soul-pleasing tune. The calming orchestration of this song somewhat makes you fall into a sound sleep with its atmospheric soundscape, and it is the perfect song for the night. So, give this excellent set of songs a generous listen, and you can rest assured that you will end up adding it to your playlist for the future. Check out this EP here:

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