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J. Lock – SELFISH | Soulful Banger

Atlanta-based artist J. Lock’s latest release, “SELFISH” featuring RL, is a stellar addition to his growing discography. This modern hip-hop track is a brilliant fusion of rap and R&B that showcases J. Lock’s diverse musical style and lyrical prowess.

As an artist, J. Lock is no stranger to the rap scene. In fact, “SELFISH” is his first release in 2023, following the success of his most loved track, “On Deck,” which he released in 2022. J. Lock’s experience as a musician shines through in this performance, and his journey can be followed by listening to his other energetic and uplifting tracks on Spotify.

The track features a soulful R&B sound with hard-hitting rap verses, all backed up by an expertly produced instrumental. It’s a sonic experience that’s both captivating and diverse, reminiscent of artists like Kendrick Lamar and Drake, who are also some of J. Lock’s inspirations.

One of the standout features of “SELFISH” is J. Lock’s confident lyricism and vocal delivery. Along with RL, the collaboration is an awesome listening experience that’s sure to get fans excited. The chemistry between J. Lock and RL is undeniable, making this track a perfect example of the power of collaboration. It’s clear that J. Lock is passionate about his craft and remains true to himself while drawing inspiration from some of the greats in the industry.

Overall, “SELFISH” is a strong release from J. Lock and RL, and it’s a track that will undoubtedly garner attention and appreciation from fans of modern hip-hop and R&B.

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