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JAW TALK – FOOL | Classic Rock

Jaw Talk is a Los Angeles-based rock group influenced by ’60s psych-rock and soul. They bring to the table a heavily guitar-driven ideology and does one thing very well– no-nonsense songwriting and execution paired with a hint of soul, and a collection of very singing-friendly melodies. Having been featured on a variety of television shows before, it speaks to Jaw Talk’s potential as musicians. ‘Fool’, Jaw Talk’s latest single, embodies the sound of the band, and the message they aim to deliver pretty well. As they mention themselves, Jaw Talk is the essence of authentic rock n’ roll cultivated from the valley hills. A nice mid-tempo number with tasteful instrumentation, ‘Fool’ has a very 80s classic rock sound to itself that is beautiful in execution.

The songwriting, as well as melodic composition and arrangement, however, are what really give this song its charm, and appeal; with so many rock songs having already been made with this specific approach sound-wise, it is hard to stand out well– and one often finds themselves turning to songwriting and avant-garde production techniques; both of which are present in oodles here.

All in all, ‘Fool’ by Jaw Talk presents a great proposition that builds on an already genre-defining sound and further reinforces it with catchy lyrics, melodic songwriting and a well-produced instrumental overall. I loved listening to it! Check ‘Fool’ by Jaw Talk out here-

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